550 views and counting!

2013 has been an amazing year for a number of different reasons, and the purchase of my first home is at the top of that list!  Thank you to my longtime creative genius friend Tina (read her blog, she’s amazing!) I started this blog mainly to document my renovation for the few friends and family who might be interested in my first foray into home ownership.  Since I started the blog 4 months ago I have had over 550 views!  Not only are these views from my awesome friends and family, but I have had views from the UK, Canada, Australia and most recently even India!  Never in a million years would I have expected this little blog to turn into something that people would WANT to read!  Mind officially blown!

This renovation has tested my patience on more than once occasion but I’ve loved seeing the transformation come to life, and I get to spend time with the coolest guy I know, HandyDad.  It has reminded me of all the years as a kid driving to LumberJack on the weekends and watching his every move in his shop. Thank you, HandyDad, for the memories and the ability to build new ones as an adult!

Cheers to making new memories, and thank you for your support through this fun adventure!

-The Renolista


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