Fence, mended.

I now have an extremely sturdy, and equally expensive, replacement fence and gate courtesy of HandyDad! It’s nice to know that when the project is too big for this Renolista, HandyDad is more than willing to help a girl out. ☺️



Tomorrow begins an upgrade to that equally hideous a/c cover thingamagigger (official name of course) which you can see in the foreground of the second picture. We are recycling some of the redwood tri stake to make a bigger, better, more attractive addition to my tiny patio!


Mending fences…

Today HandyDad began a very un-fun project: replacing my gate and fence to prepare for the upcoming painting project happening in my village.  Yay!  Right?  Before:


This thing is old as dirt.  It barely closes, barely opens, and is pretty much on it’s last legs.  HandyDad and HandyBro went to work today on a very rare break from their day job and left me with this gift:


Which is exactly how it currently looks…. Open to the world and all.  At least my neighbors can see my attractive furniture? 🙂  I can’t wait to see what the finished product will look like!  I also managed to pick out a new front door color.  I’m ready to say goodbye to lilac, and hello to cream!



I may be busier than every before, but I am excited to get back on the renovation horse and get my hands dirty again!

A place to relax and enjoy a glass (bottle) of wine!

With my french patio doors in I decided I needed a place to escape while in the midst of the remodeling process.  The weather was changing and commercials on TV kept telling me I needed to get my patio in SHAPE!  This was the biggest outdoor space I have had since I moved out of my parents house, so I was eager to replace what I moved in with…


To something more comfortable and able to seat more people.  I was lucky enough to open an email from Cost Plus that showed a patio set for $199!  I immediately made a trip over to the store to pay for a set and hold it!  I had resigned myself to keeping my two seater table due to the ridiculous cost of patio furniture considering I had an entire house to renovate, but this fit into this bargain shopper’s budget just fine!  I finished off the set with some accent pillows, a few candles, a new umbrella and a side table to bring in some additional color.



I also decided on some nice hanging succulent planters to give a little color to this little cement oasis!



And some ambiance at night for an astonishing $2 per light!


It makes for such a comfortable space to entertain and enjoy a cocktail after a long day!  In the midst of a remodel it is so nice to have at least one space that is put together and doesn’t emit anxiety!!!  Cheers to the summer months!

The world’s smallest sliding patio door!

My dad took one look at my sliding patio door and knew my sofa wouldn’t be able to fit through the opening.  This issue reared it’s ugly head over and over again as I moved furniture, appliances, and boxes into the house.  Knowing that it took one screw to uninstall and reinstall the door, it was far from the security he required for his first daughter.  That began the extremely frustrating and expensive process of replacing the slider with a french patio door.  I chose to go to Home Depot for the purchase because I had a referral for someone at the Pro Desk who could help me with my narrow opening and multi-point lock system requirements.  This ended up being quite the ordeal as they turned away my special pre-paid delivery for weeks due to lack of space in their warehouse…. but eventually late one Friday night I drove out to BFE to pick up a beautiful set of french patio doors!

No door!  Yikes!


My “lucky” dad spending his entire Saturday installing this behemoth of a door…


But once it was in, it was a beautiful sight!


One step closer to finishing a new project, and one less obstacle when it comes to new purchases!  French patio doors for the win!