I wish I could say a lot has been done while I have been MIA….

Unfortunately for me I have been less than productive over the last few months! Between the holidays, work, and spending time with the most amazing man I’ve ever met, I’ve seriously neglected my house! I’ve made a few alterations… Mainly the addition of stainless switch plates with grey switches (not sure if I am feeling it or not) and also my restoration hardware light fixtures (also doubting). Maybe that’s why I haven’t been so on too of things… These were the first changes I’ve made that I wasn’t necessarily excited about! I’m rethinking the fixtures:


To me they are too small in scale and I wanted something with more pizazz.

The light switches also leave me less than impressed:


I was trying to be thrift and not spend another $150 on stainless looking switches, but the grey just isn’t cutting it! Thoughts?

Recently I’ve rethought my decision to wallpaper as well… I’m actually considering one giant stripe along my long (currently stark white) wall with storage, my spoon canvas from Ikea¬†and these AMAZE stools:



But then I discovered the new wallpaper collection at Target… And boy do I love a graphic print!



Decisions, decisions!