An appreciation for how far I’ve come

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You may have noticed that I’ve taken a small break from blogging about my adventures in renovation…. This is because I have taken a small break from the renovations themselves!  I am happy to report that I was actually able … Continue reading

A treat, for the finished product

This weekend I managed to wait in line for over 45 minutes with hordes of people in the Macy’s home department.  Why you ask?  Because they had a $10 off coupon that day and I managed to get caught up in the near black friday craziness that ensues when Macy’s sends out a coupon… even a coupon for only $10 off.  I usually don’t drop dead in my tracks when I go shopping for flatware.  It’s functional and not always visually appealing.  My dearest mother bought me a new set about 2 years ago because she said my target set had to go…. only problem was that the new set wasn’t much better.  So when I found this set, I almost died.

Bellasera Bellasera3

This Bellasera set is made by Henckles and is made as one solid piece with a very interesting knife design.  It’s curved to fit the palm of your hand just right and can also be set to stand up as a unique alternative to the flat knives I’ve always purchased.  The best part?  On sale for $109.99 from $140 with an extra $10 off.  I can’t wait to break them out of their packaging and give them a new home in my new kitchen!

Orange tile? No thanks!

I tried to like the orange tile floors that were installed in the entry way and kitchen of the new place, but I couldn’t.  I needed something modern and comfortable to stand on for long periods of time while I pretend to be Martha Stewart!  I made my way over to Waldo Bowers and decided on this BEAUTIFUL Provenza flooring for both the entry and the kitchen:


The hardwood floors are oil treated so I know I will have some upkeep, but the color is just divine and really picks up the color of the carpet!  With the floors picked out, it was time to rip out the tile… and rip out I sure did!  This Renolista pulled out every tile with a crowbar and a sledgehammer.  All my tears, sweat, and even a little bit of blood went into making a racket and demoing this atrocious tile floor.


And after chipping away at it (no pun intended) for a few weekend, I finally was left with the end product:


Empty hall closet

Which is exactly how it sits today.  I’m still waiting for the floor to come in and for the installer to come out.  I may be able to demo, but you do not want me installing hardwood floors if you want it to look even remotely decent.  I am smart enough to leave some of the work to the pros!

As is…

As is…

They say houses come “as is”, and my house was no exception! Here is my 1100 square foot, 2 bedroom 1 bath townhouse on move in day… Slowly but surely everything found it’s place and I was “camping” in my … Continue reading