An appreciation for how far I’ve come

You may have noticed that I’ve taken a small break from blogging about my adventures in renovation…. This is because I have taken a small break from the renovations themselves!  I am happy to report that I was actually able to clean my house of dust for the first time in what feels like an eternity, enjoy having floors and countertops and even spent a week out of town.  That doesn’t mean that I haven’t put a great deal of time into researching the contractor I would like to hire to install my tile, light fixtures, and window replacements.  I also toured arguably the most intense and insane remodel of all time… The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose.

When I think of nightmare remodels this HAS to be one for the record books.  To think Sarah Winchester spent 38 years of her life renovating trying to avoid the spirits killed by her husband’s guns is mind-blowing.  Rumor has it she was able to keep her flooring craftsman busy for 33 years removing, installing, and replacing the beautiful parquet floors.  Could you imagine the DUST?  Oy vey!  She also ordered all of her stained glass from Tiffany’s of New York and that collection now values over $5 million dollars and had all of her wallpaper handmade and shipped across the world.  She built between 500-600 rooms in the 38 years she lived at the mansion, but only about 160 are left in existence today.  The details and finishes were so beautiful and ornate.  Not a single item was overlooked.  This included the oddities she built around the house as well… the door to nowhere, a séance room with 1 entrance and 3 exits, stairways to a ceiling, doors that open to walls… you name it, it’s there!  The say it’s one of two officially haunted houses in California (who knows who certifies that!) and a movie is scheduled to begin shooting in the near future.

It isn’t exactly an inexpensive tour but if you have an appreciation for architecture or design this is a must see!

The time I spent crying in the mounds of sawdust that consumed my life pales in comparison to what Mrs. Winchester lived with on a daily basis for longer than I could ever imagine!  It made me very grateful to be sort of, kind of, almost done with the first phase of my renovation… and I still have a bathroom left to work on!

With the cooling Sacramento heat we are getting ready to finally pull the cable through the attic and install the drywall to prep for the backsplash!  I can’t wait to get back in the renovation game!


3 thoughts on “An appreciation for how far I’ve come

    • Yes!!! Craftsman homes are my fav too! I’m hoping that will be my next purchase! The tour is pretty awesome… I’d always wanted to go but never had the motivation until I saw how big it was in real life!

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