A local reno, and a huge win for Sacramento!

I had the opportunity to support not only the Firefighter Burn Institute but also check out a recent Sacramento renovation at the long unoccupied Black Angus building which has been brought back to life as Farrell’s!  This old and dilapidated building had set vacant for more than 5 years and was quite the eyesore in my neighborhood.  I was more than excited to see the renovations taking place over the last few months taking the building from drab to fab!  I was there on the opening night and was able to snap a few pics!

The business has been open for about a month now and is going strong!  Sacramento is happy to welcome Farrell’s back and we thank them immensely for the beautiful renovation which now graces a somewhat lackluster street corner!


An appreciation for how far I’ve come

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You may have noticed that I’ve taken a small break from blogging about my adventures in renovation…. This is because I have taken a small break from the renovations themselves!  I am happy to report that I was actually able … Continue reading

Can you ever have too many outlets?

The common sense answer to that is no, absolutely not.  Which is why I spent my Sunday tinkering around the kitchen taking my 4 outlet kitchen to 10!



And at the end of the day this kitchen became the epitome of rustic chic!


It took about 5 hours to change the wiring around due to the poor craftsmanship of previous contractors.  Why people don’t do it right the first time I will never know!  Next up is something I am very excited about!!!  I managed to pick up an open box 22 inch flat screen TV for $50 at Best Buy after gift cards and discounts which means I will have a TV in my kitchen to keep me company!  I’ve ALWAYS wanted  a TV but never had a space where I could make that happen.  So the next thing I need to do is to pull the cable for my new kitchen TV through the attic before we put up the new drywall, but I’m hoping to have it cool down a bit for that to happen.  100 degree plus an attic is far from the business!

A place to relax and enjoy a glass (bottle) of wine!

With my french patio doors in I decided I needed a place to escape while in the midst of the remodeling process.  The weather was changing and commercials on TV kept telling me I needed to get my patio in SHAPE!  This was the biggest outdoor space I have had since I moved out of my parents house, so I was eager to replace what I moved in with…


To something more comfortable and able to seat more people.  I was lucky enough to open an email from Cost Plus that showed a patio set for $199!  I immediately made a trip over to the store to pay for a set and hold it!  I had resigned myself to keeping my two seater table due to the ridiculous cost of patio furniture considering I had an entire house to renovate, but this fit into this bargain shopper’s budget just fine!  I finished off the set with some accent pillows, a few candles, a new umbrella and a side table to bring in some additional color.



I also decided on some nice hanging succulent planters to give a little color to this little cement oasis!



And some ambiance at night for an astonishing $2 per light!


It makes for such a comfortable space to entertain and enjoy a cocktail after a long day!  In the midst of a remodel it is so nice to have at least one space that is put together and doesn’t emit anxiety!!!  Cheers to the summer months!