Appliances that I can actually use, please!

When I purchased my home it came with a dishwasher that sounded like an earthquake, and a fancy 1970’s contraption known as a double oven.  This was quite the sight to see as I hadn’t had the “opportunity” to see these considering we have made substantial strides in technology!  Naturally having new appliances became my number one priority.  I made my way to my local Best Buy and bought a suite of new stainless appliances that I actually knew how to use… However, First I had to actually remove the double oven.  Lucky for me the developers had tiles AROUND the legs of the oven making it super easy to slide out.  NOT!  my lucky dad had to make an emergency run to my house to cut off the oven’s legs with a saw.  My dad in all his glory:


Then, since it took so long, I got a chance to use it as a decorative piece in my backyard!


Leaving me with a giant gaping hole of nothing


So I was quick to fill them with new shiny toys!!


I also bought an over the range microwave that can’t be installed until I get my backsplash in 😦


So for now my microwave sits on a table as a standalone, and my dishwasher is collecting dust in the dining room.  It makes for a nice storage space and its very classy of course!


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