It may seem like I’ve fallen off the renovation planet, but in fact I have been hard at work putting some finishing touches together to wrap up my kitchen project!  The biggest change was the installation of drywall on the walls where formerly stood nothing but studs!

With the installation of the drywall that means I am ready for BACKSPLASH!!!  In fact I am having them installed on Thursday with the supervision of DesignMom!  I am so so so excited!  Behold:

kitchen close up backsplash white subway tiles dark grey grout open shelving shelves marble countertops white cabinets

I think it should look AMAZING when it is done!  I love the simplicity of the white subway tile.  It’s classic, clean and most importantly it is timeless.  I don’t want someone to be able to walk into this project a few years from now and be able to pin the date of the remodel based on my finishes.  Talk about a Renolista’s worst nightmare!

In addition I also spent some time ordering window coverings which I blogged about earlier in the process.  I finally decided on a color combination I think will fit in nicely…


The last bit of my shopping spree included a rather…. spendy purchase.  This Renolista is the proud owner of some new Restoration Hardware light fixtures!  Not only did I purchase a few for the kitchen, but I also picked up a fixture for my patio.  If I’m already spending the money on shipping I may as well indulge, right??  I LOVE the look of exposed filament bulbs and the industrial minimal look will fit right in with the rest of the design (according to DesignMom that is… )

For the kitchen:


And for the backyard:


Once the backsplash is up I will finally be able to install the over the range microwave and the project will be close to completion!  This reno has been so much fun, so much work but overall the most rewarding part of my home buying experience!  I can’t wait to see the end product!!  My updated list of things to complete after the installation of my recent purchases, backsplash and microwave:

  1. finish the toe kick
  2. install new base
  3. finish patio door surround
  4. replace cabinet pulls
  5. refinish cabinets with wear
  6. paint and decorate!

Next steps…

To finish off the kitchen I still have a “few’ things to take care of…

  1. finish the toe kick
  2. install new base
  3. install ice maker
  4. pull cable from attic for tv
  5. replace drywall
  6. install backsplash
  7. install over the range microwave
  8. replace light fixtures
  9. replace window covering
  10. finish patio door surround
  11. replace cabinet pulls
  12. refinish cabinets with wear
  13. paint and decorate!

Last night I spent some time researching window coverings for the large window in my kitchen. I started off looking at Smith + Noble and ordered some free samples of wood blinds with a tape ladder which would cost around $235 for the single window. I also looked at roman shades, but at $800 that is just not in this Renolista’s budget!!


As much as I like plantation shutters they are just too pricey for a home I’m not planning on staying in long term, so this was a nice compromise! It adds style and the look of the wood without the custom price. However, not one to make a rash decision I looked at a few more sites including and found that not only do they have some screaming good deals, but they also have some VERY nice faux wood blinds as well!

8251_21003_21035 showcolor.php

All include a tape ladder with many color choices. I ordered some samples from both sites and am waiting anxiously to receive them! Anything will be an upgrade from the metal cheap-o blinds the previous owner purchased for the sale. I think window coverings will make such a difference in the new space! Now if the USPS would just hurry up and drop them off….